Six Shooter

by Big Guns

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Jason A great first effort. Catchy and heavy.
Hopefully they add a real drummer for a full release, which is hopefully on the horizon. Strongly enjoyed this album. Favorite track: Dragon Hedge.
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Rockin' riffs and blastin' beats!


released October 3, 2016

Guitars, bass, drums programming, back vocals, mixing - Postie
Lyrics, vocals, mastering - Vaarwel
Cover art - Contrast Arts, Anton Baskin



all rights reserved


Big Guns Moscow, Russia

When you face a really big trouble, all you need is really big gun. And here you can get some.

Big Guns are rock’n’roll thoroughly mixed with death metal and hot pepper, tamped into shells and armed with Vaarwel’s (Frozen Ocean, Goatpsalm) armor-piercing vocals and Postie's rockin' riffs. Big Guns’ first EP named “Six Shooter” was loaded and ready to spit lead and fire in October 2016
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Track Name: Hard as Tin
I was no superhero
And couldn't do anything right
My fuckability was zero
Until I felt the metal might


I melted tin in backyard
When frightful bird swooped down the sky
I fell in it at instant
But somehow didn't die


White shine and relatively low density!
Paramagnetic as fuck!
Power that makes me
The Solder of Justice!

Now I serve and protect you
I passivate the surface of your lives
Reducing evil
Track Name: Nightmares of Tomorrow
I sang about entrails and gore
I extolled splattered women
I praised mutilation and deeply adored
Dead bodies choking on semen

Hate! Exsanguinate!
Hate! Eviscerate!

In my horrid dreams I used to descry
Blind schoolgirls vomiting pus
But time passes by, I decided to try
Being close to the topical buzz

Wait! I lose my hate!
Wait! I'll concentrate!

Real horrors lurk beyond the veil of ordinariness
Prepare to see the true abomination of mundane

Witness chill deep under your skin
When your TP roll hangs over
Feel the hungry chasm lurking within
In improper color of lawnmower

Hate! Procrastinate!
Hate! Sophisticate!

We are laughing at your pallor
When another hoover seller
Rings the doorbell
Track Name: Natural Attraction
Now I sit here brokenhearted
Trying to forget your warmth
Tale of our love just had started
But it was malformed

Is it tear or drop of whiskey
Rolling down the whiskered cheek?
Our games made you so frisky
Now my life is bleak

Are now your pretty golden
I drown in woebegone
Our parting isn't any
I stare
At greasy wall and swear

I recall our lovely bedtimes
When we tangled our limbs
You enjoyed to bite my neckties
And tear down taxation schemes

We were in a perfect rapture,
In great unity of soul
When you were sevely captured
By the Animal Control
Track Name: Grammar Guerillas
Our blades
Are sharp
We use
All English tenses

Night vision lenses
Are glowing in dark

Is war
And we are
Prophets of the slaughter

We'll teach your daughter
To spell "exterminate"

Ambush instead of crusade,
Dictionaries instead of tactics,
We will roll over the land
With orthographic march

Dogs on tethers, swirls of letters,
Literate shades in camo sweaters,
New word order's stern pacesetters -
We will make the phonaesthetics

Like that:

With all firepower

We never cower

The screams are louder

Give us an hour
And listen to the poem
We prepared
Track Name: Pearl Jammed
My limbs are tied to the radiator
Ball gag in my mouth, my ankles in chains
And porcelain clown, the worst spectator,
Looks down at me as if he knows what did we do
What he disdains

I met her at the Bon Jovi gig, she was pretty delightful
Long leather boots, violet wig, talking so happily sprightful
Word by word we felt this, chemistry burst like a blast
Pelvis dreamt of pelvis, lust language was unsurpassed

Eighth grade girl

(shimpy scream) I bet she liked me!!!

We went at her place after midnight
And I passed out holding hand in her pants...
Well, you know the rest of the story,
Since your interrogation becomes a bit loud, officer

Track Name: Dragon Hedge
Heroes come again
They kill your expensive dragons
Which are by the way
Endangered animal species
Just one call
And you have
Lifetime hedge
For any pet

We're sure you're tired of this
Unending reptilian massacre
Whose eggs you were forced to smuggle
The filthy unspeakable way
Just don't wait
Call us now
And get first
Fees for free

Fantastic choice, dear sir
So who's now becoming the winner
When you insured all the dragons
From death, theft and maltreatment
Now you're true
Lord of Darkness
You'd better go now
The princess won't rape herself